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How does Quartr work?

How does Quartr work?

In today’s distracted digital world it’s harder than ever for businesses to connect with consumers thoughtfully. With the Quartr app, companies have a simple way to talk to individuals and reward them for sharing informative feedback.

Our authenticated community members earn cash for their attention and thoughtful feedback, and businesses gain quality data and insights to make smarter decisions and build stronger relationships with their customers.


Join Quartr and get paid for input on things like commercials, content, new products, and advertising campaigns.

Companies partner with us to understand what people truly like through genuine feedback and actual conversations. This is what we call small data. Information from individuals with diverse, valuable opinions that get translated into actionable insights for marketers.

We want to create a dialogue for businesses and brands to understand what their consumers want directly from the consumers themselves.

A Community that works together.

Businesses & Brands

Quartr is a community that relies on relationships and research to bring real value.

Your customers are people — and big data and analytics don’t truly represent the nuances and needs of people’s everyday lives.

There’s a gap between companies desire to reach people and peoples’ voices really being heard and understood.

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"Quartr gave us a quick, easy way to field test advertising content before putting ad spend against it in market. The results we received back showed clear preference trends & were presented efficiently to aid quick decision making. The ad that took the lead in our initial Quartr test is our top performing ad today."

Ross Howe
Nimble Co-Founder & CEO

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“In today’s world, with all the different ways for consumers to consume media it is becoming harder and harder to breakthrough in a relevant way. Marketers are looking for unique ways to reach their consumers and can’t afford costly campaigns that miss the mark. Quartr gives me a quick, cost effective way to communicate to customers to get feedback in a real and authentic way to test, learn and revise messaging to create the most effective campaigns possible. In addition, Quartr provides a much more accurate tie to ROI than historical marketing methods.”

Mike Ritter
Verizon CMO (Former)

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Truer, Smaller Data.

Every brand strives to create meaningful relationships with their consumers and, for the last decade, the most effective way to achieve this was to solicit the help of data. Big collections of data became fundamental and soon formed the cornerstone for every marketing and sales strategy. However, as technology progressed, so has ingenuity at ignoring the content companies want audiences to see.

Quartr’s disruptive platform provides a community allowing people and businesses direct interaction, creating meaningful value and insights to each side. Quartr’s community earns cash for feedback and businesses gain quality data to make smarter decisions and stronger relationships.

Now is the time to ask ourselves, is big data the best data?

Let’s Make Change Together

About Us

What makes Quartr different?

Well there's a lot, but here's a few things...

Authentic Audience
Real Money
No Cap
Immediate Insight
Bridge Building


We use technology.

And built a dynamic, simple-to-use app that allows for businesses and consumers to connect and captures feedback and insights from real people.

We provide value.

By equipping businesses and brands with actionable insights from their consumers, and rewarding people with cash for their input and honesty.

We pursue equitability.

Because we believe that good happens from mutual benefit. In both business and life.

Our Team

We're dedicated to disrupting the brand and consumer relationship.

Johnathan Geary
Johnathan Geary
Tabitha Geary
Tabitha Geary
Co-Founder & CEO
Matthew Cole
Matthew Cole
Chief Business Officer
Katie Szumowski
Katie Szumowski
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Happiness Officer